Summary: Pro Active Web Development is a database tool for website creation that is focused on getting your products indexed on the major search engines and then allowing you to easily create secondary web sites with your same product focus but also capable of being location indexed to new locations on the major search engines as well. So if you have a product or products and your target market is more than the 40 or 200 mile radius imposed by the major search engines, Pro Active can help you build and maintain a network of your web sites, all easily changeable, as well as individually customizable using Pro Active's own easy to use builder tool.  Using Pro Actives targeting engine your web sites can easily target products for a large variety of products, applications for a smaller product line that can be used in many different applications, and geo targeted, allowing you to set locations you wish to target and then use the indexing of the major search engines to help you to reach those markets. Why build your company site with a modified blog? Pro Active is a tool designed for business to business web sites that are looking to capitalize on their products and applications in a large variety of geo targeted locations.  Use the contact button at the top to reach us if you are interested in maximizing your web exposure and your time and energy maintaining multiple sites.

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